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Version: 0.13.x

Accessing Takeoff

Getting access

To get started with the Takeoff server, drop a message to or speak to your Account Manager.

Add Credentials For the Takeoff Container

Access is granted via distribution of a key for a private docker repository, which can be logged in to by:

docker login -u takeoffusers

This will prompt you for a password. This will be the Docker access key you were given, and should not to be shared with other users.

You can test that you have authenticated successfully by running docker pull tytn/takeoff-pro:0.13.1-cpu to download the (smaller) CPU-only Takeoff Server.

Takeoff License Validation

To use Takeoff a valid license is required, you should have been given a private and unique license key on signup or by email.

Include it directly in your Docker run command using the -e option

docker run -e LICENSE_KEY='your_license_key_here' [other_options] [image_name]

Offline mode

By default, Takeoff will reach out to try and validate any changes to your license on each launch. To prevent this behaviour, you can run takeoff in "offline mode".

To use offline mode, the server must have previously been booted in online mode, which will download a validated license token to is stored inside the keys folder. Further runs with the OFFLINE_MODE environment variable set (i.e. docker run -e OFFLINE_MODE=true ...) will make no network calls to validate or update the token.

If the server cannot be booted in online mode, a token can be generated on an online machine and then transferred to an offline one.

Transferring license tokens to offline machines

Mounting the /code/models/.keys folder from the Takeoff server (e.g. by launching with docker run -v ~/.takeoff_cache/:/code/models/ tytn/takeoff-pro:0.13.1-cpu) allows the token to be retrieved from the local filesystem (in this example, from ~/.takeoff_cache/.keys/). This token can then be transferred to any machine without internet access.

This token can also be attached to a kubernetes cluster by mounting the ~/.takeoff_cache/.keys/<my_key> file as a Secret at /code/models/.keys/<my_key> in your deployed Takeoff container.

The token's lifetime is bound by that of the license. Should the license be extended or modified, Takeoff can be run in online mode to obtain a new token, and the above process repeated to transfer this to offline machines.

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding authentication, please don't hesitate to reach out to or via Discord.